I replaced my page on the herons of Tokyo by a new page on the herons of Singapore. The herons of Tokyo are still online: Herons of Tokyo, as well as some videos on my YouTube Channel. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you know good places to meet herons!

Javan pond heron - ジャワアカガシラサギ

Purple heron - ムラサキサギ

With a little egret:

Yellow bittern - ヨシゴイ

Grey heron - アオサギ

With a yellow bittern:

Chinese pond heron - アカガシラサギ

Great billed heron - スマトラサギ

Little egret - コサギ

Striated heron - ササゴイ

Black-crowned night heron - ゴイサギ

For better photos of the black-crowned night heron, see my page about the Herons of Tokyo, where it is more common... I really hope I can take better photos of this bird in the future in Singapore.

Great egret - ダイサギ

Cattle egret - アマサギ

Cinnamon bittern - リュウキュウヨシゴイ

Intermediate egret - チュウサギ